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Start Tourist glance, Indonesia Travel Package Need Coffee

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Start Tourist glance, Indonesia Travel Package Need Coffee

JAKARTA, Indonesia Travel coffee in the form of enhanced travel packages needed to attract tourists. It indicated the potential for great coffee tours Indonesia. Coffee has been ogled travel (tourists) but need to be increased again. There are no special travel packages (travel coffee), said Chairman of the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia, Syaffruddin KompasTravel when contacted in Jakarta, Tuesday (09/29/2015) afternoon. He conveyed that Indonesia is among the world's biggest coffee producer with coffee plantations that spread across the country. Syaffruddin convey tourists can learn about Indonesian coffees through tourist packages of coffee. Tourists can see the coffee growing system, related to farmers, as well as view coffee production until the ready, he said. He conveyed that Indonesia has a line of coffee travel destinations of interest to visit, such as Aceh, North Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, Flores, and South Sulawesi. Hence there are tour packages, the economy people are also mainly farmers can ride, hoping Syaffrudin. Marketing Manager of PT Taman Delta Indonesia, Susilo Moelyono explained by way of geographic Indonesia has been fitted for a coffee tour. Indonesia, he added, also has a coffee harvest time there every coffee th .. The tourism industry is not maximized. I have witnessed have not been seen there are packages provide coffee travel, he said. He compared the country with which Australia has a travel package of coffee that has the goal of educating some travelers. Moelyono say there is one restaurant which serves thoughts on tourists roam in the coffee plantation. Of course, I forget which. But there visitors can try to cultivate coffee, coffee harvest, as well as see the production, said Moelyono. Shortly Director of Beverage and Tobacco, Faiz Achmad expressed by the geographical situation and the spread of coffee plantations, travel packages Indonesian coffee has a high potential for diperkembang. So, he effects by means of economic and tourism can also be felt. This can be an opportunity to bring up the coffee Indonesia (the world), it said on KompasTravel, Tuesday (29/09/2015) afternoon.

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