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Authenticity test Kopi Luwak

Authenticity test Kopi Luwak
 If you hear the name of civet coffee is definitely in your mind is a cup of coffee at a great price. Yes, the price for a cup of kopi luwak alone could reach 500 thousand.
Though civet coffee as well as other black coffee, but in a different flavor and aroma. The reason coffee is expensive and special, because the process into a unique coffee. Kopi Luwak are coffee beans found in civet droppings (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), a type of squirrel that many animals living on the edge of the forest near coffee plantations.
One researcher from Indonesia who do research in Japan, Sastia Prama daughter say the quality of the coffee flavor make kopi luwak become so expensive to be enjoyed.
Rarity and exclusivity that causes expensive, said the woman who was familiarly called Sastia.
According to him, in Japan, many residents do not enjoy the civet coffee. Because it is still imported from Indonesia, the posted price for buying civet coffee is very expensive.
Not much has been tried. Only certain circles because it is rare and expensive. But civet coffee has a distinctive taste so loyal fan there. Kopi Luwak that I have seen in Japan all of Indonesia as I know, said Sastia.
Further Sastia believe the original Indonesian kopi luwak coffee production can compete with other countries in the world.
If the Indonesian civet coffee could compete in the world market that is for sure.
But for the taste and preferences of the market depends on the branding of the product as well, he said.
Quality began to doubt
Coffee experts, Adi W Taroepratjeka, respond about the declining prestige of civet coffee today. He said civet coffee could be a trend five years ago, and then slowly began to sluggish demand.
When five years ago, peaked about three years ago, and increasingly fading, said Adi.
According to him, not least consumers began to doubt the quality of civet coffee. Civet was booming crazily to the music so that its value dropped dramatically. Not only the monetary value, the level of confidence in the product decreases, especially when people start to breed mongoose, and some are not well bred, he said.
It was said Adi makes many researchers interested in researching civet coffee. Due to their high price and the myth around him. Problem digestive enzyme that makes the difference, said Adi.
He said, the civet coffee business also could not get a good response in Europe. Kopi Luwak Indonesia dwell only in Japan, Korea, and some Southeast Asian countries.
Asian countries such as Korea. Country western antipathy for treatment breeder pet mongoose against them, he said.
authenticity test
Meanwhile as a researcher, Sastia curious about the authenticity of civet coffee is already the worldwide. He also often read articles written about keasilan civet coffee, but lacked flavor and aroma as is generally the original civet coffee.
I was curious about whether or not the original civet coffee there and circulating, said the woman was 33 years.
Through research titled Establishment of quality evaluation standards and authentication method of Kopi Luwak and various Indonesian specialty coffees by gas chromatoghraphy based metabolomics, Sastia find out the authenticity of one of Indonesia's superior products. The study takes no moment.
I researched Luwak coffee takes five years, said the woman who was awarded the L'OrealUNESCO For Women in Science (FWIS) in 2015 in the field of science.

For Sastia, authenticity and quality of the Luwak coffee should be maintained and preserved by methods that for five years he was thorough. He's also looking Luwak coffee samples to Jember.

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