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This is the Basic Rules Trim Weight - Kompas.co

This is the Basic Rules Trim Weight - Kompas.co
 Many diets are offered for weight loss. Each emphasizes the advantages and superiority. No bids within just 2 weeks diet to lose weight 5 kg, no diet without restricting food intake, and sebagainya.Saya never entered into Kinokuniya bookstore at the mall Takashimaya, Orchard, Singapore. Rows of books on many diets on display there. In bookstores Chapter, Ottawa bookcase on diet are also hits, as well as in several bookstores in the United States. Not only that, most of the books on display was also claimed to be a bestseller. And, most of the books published in the United Amerka it, the author also from there. However, surprisingly it turns out they are oversized, potbelly become endemic in sana.Memang, this fact. Most of the recommended diet fail to lose weight. In fact, no such thing as a phenomenon known as Yo-Yo dieting, your weight initially fell rapidly, then not how long it will go up again exceed the weight semula.Nah, "why most diets fail to lose weight for someone?" There are many reasons, but this article does not discuss it, but little offensive principles, basic rules in weight loss. The basic rule is: Calories. The balance of calories in (from food) and calories out (which is used by the body) will determine whether or not the weight down someone. The weight will drop when calories are used exceeds the incoming calories, or calories we burn more of the calories that the body of food consumed. Suppose your food intake daily average of 2,000 calories per day, then you reduce the average 100-150 calories, for example by simply throwing a habit of not drinking bottled tea lunch time, then in a month can decrease your calorie intake 3000-4500 calories , When all of this is fat, then your weight will go down 300-500 grams. In one year could go down 3-5 kg. Converse is also true, if you burn fewer calories than required, although only 100-150 calories per day, in one year your weight will go up 3-5 kg. So, your weight going up or down everything depends on the balance of calories hotel.The food is healthy or unhealthy. The food was obviously not the same. There are foods that contain nutrients that are good, healthy or otherwise. 500 calories to 500 calories of white rice and brown rice just is not the same influence on a person's body. Because the food was not only a source enrji, but also for your life, the cells that form, nourish the body, even the thoughts, feelings and emotions, then choosing healthy foods, which contain nutrients that complete an important consideration in reducing weight badanOlahraga , Sport is an important part of the diet. Whatever weight loss program that you live, you still do sport. Sports is not only beneficial to increase the burning of more energy, thus helping you lose weight, but also lower the risk for certain diseases. Sports improve your blood lipid levels, increase muscle mass. And, even if your weight does not go down, exercise is still beneficial to health. By walking, jogging 30 minutes every day routine, which spends about 150-200 calories, then within a month you can burn 3000-4500 calories. And when the intake of food consumed remains as usual, with regular exercise, weight loss will also be reduced to 300 gr-500 gr per month. In one year you will lose weight 3-5 kg.Bukan short term, but long term. Many weight loss programs that promise short-term results, two weeks down 5 kilos for example. According to this study is not even good. Most of the weight loss like this is only due to the influence of fluid loss, not fat loss. Many studies show that weight loss like this do not last long, generally will rise again, it may even be more severe. So, no need of weight loss like that. Gradual weight loss, though only 1-2 kg per month even more baikNah, by knowing some basic principles of weight loss is, hopefully the weight loss program you have and live decides to run properly and your weight goal is reached. Pekanbaru, 3-02-2014

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